The Kolaress Family

Port Morsain is home to only five gnomes, a clan of arcanists and artificers who provided many essential goods to the town. They are decidedly more settled than most gnomes.

Kandra Kolaress is the clan matriarch and runs a successful bakery, First Tastes, located on the northern slope of the town.

Kira is Kandra’s daughter and serves as CV’s senior apprentice. She is responsible for enchanting many of the lesser magical items sold from his tower and for maintaining the clockwork construct that guard it.

Kendra is Kira’s eldest daughter and operates a potion and alchemy supply store, Koli’s Alkhemy.

Koli is Kira’s middle daughter and the family rebel. She serves with distinction of the town guard.

Kamai is Kira’s younger daughter . She makes her living as a choreographer at the Fossegrim’s Follys, arranging dance numbers and musical pieces with a skill and style.

The Kolaress Family

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