Port Morsain

Port Morsain is a large prosperous town located on the Hellmouth Gulf, in western Cheliax, and home to over four thousand souls. It is nominally ruled by the Paracount Killian Morsain, but his frequent and lengthy absences mean that his wife, the Paracountess Rainia Morsain, holds most of the actual power.

The town is sited in a short canyon carved by the Ettinswash River from the rugged sea-cliffs that define the coast of the Gulf. The river still flows through the town, pouring into the canyon at the Fossegrim Falls and then emptying out into a deep-water harbour, the only one in the Gulf and the source of much of Morsain’s prosperity. Numerous tall merchant ships and a large fishing fleet call Port Morsain home, although it has only been recently that there has much to export, with a swelling traffic in cotton goods and whale oil.

Morsain’s relativity isolation kept it poorly frequented for many years, fostering a healthy criminal element.

Notable Locations
The Holdfast
The Fossegrim Follies
The Salted Herring
The Vault of Kalistrade
The Brass Tower
Roses of Morsain

The Kolaress Family
Minor Characters – Port Morsain

Port Morsain

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